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What People Travelling To Qatar Cannot Do

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In a shocking U-turn, Qatar announced a ban on alcoholic drink at the eight World Cup stadiums. There were several sensitive areas even before the ball was kicked. Despite years of preparation, only two days prior to the tournament’s start.

Two days prior to the opening game, FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, announced that no alcohol will be sold at the eight stadiums hosting the 64 games of the tournament.

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Alcohol will only be offered in designated fan parks and other legally permitted establishments nearby Doha, according to a statement from FIFA.

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Sex, sexual orientation, and PDA
In Qatar, adulterous sex is forbidden, and men and women who are intimate in public may be arrested.

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A report from Human Rights Watch, released last month, documented instances of Qatari security forces arbitrarily arresting LGBT people and subjecting them to “ill-treatment in detention” as recently as September. Sex between men is also illegal in the country and is punishable by up to three years in prison.


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According to the US State Department, using illegal substances in Qatar can result in steep fines and protracted prison terms. This includes possessing marijuana/THC, CBD products, and vaping goods.

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However, there are also limitations on some prescription pharmaceuticals, such as stimulants, anti-anxiety medications, and potent painkillers; therefore, travelers are urged to review the list of prohibited substances before departure.

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