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Ghanaian Ladies Have Found A New Lover Boy ‘Kofi Kyereh’ And Are All Over Him.

Daniel Kofi Kyereh

Daniel Kofi Kyereh, a Black Stars player, seems to be the talk of many Ghanaian women. The many moves these women have been making toward him on social media reflect this.

Daniel Kofi Kyereh has been approached by various women who gush over his physique and good looks on social media.

The 26-year-old has to cope with propositions from various Ghanaian ladies who are drawn to him purely because of his appearance in a number of social media posts.

If only he would agree, many would even be willing to make him their husband.

One player that Ghanaians are hoping to see perform well at this year’s World Cup is Daniel Kofi Kyereh.

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