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Charles Adu Boahen And His Exposé Raises Three Unsettling Questions.

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Charles Adu Boahen was the subject of the documentary Galamsey Economy. A Sheik and the then-Deputy Finance Minister met in a hotel room in Dubai with the Sheik purportedly intending to invest in Ghana.

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On Monday, November 14, 2022, Tiger Eye PI’s whole documentary, which included the encounter, was shown. The documentary led to Charles Adu Boahen’s dismissal.

And yet, there are further issues to be raised regarding the documentary and its related newspaper piece, just as it is not quite obvious that the money Boahen got was a bribe rather than a gift.

  1. Why are there differences between the article in Crusading Guide and the video?
  2. Why was the part of Vice President Bawumia distorted?
  3. Who else attended the meeting, and why were they left out during editing?
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