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AMA To Demolish Over 100 Unauthorized Structures.

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AMA has taken action to remove squatters from a rapidly growing slum area. The Assembly claims that people of Kofikrom and its surroundings have been involved in numerous nefarious acts that threaten public safety, health, and welfare.

Squatters have also been charged with regularly putting trash into the drains, clogging them and resulting in flooding whenever it rains. Additionally, the squatters were charged with engaging in open defecation in the drains, which contributed to the spread of illness.

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By the end of the exercise, the AMA predicts that at least 100 unlawful constructions would have been destroyed.

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The AMA public affairs chief revealed that some of the squatters dump their nature’s call tied in polythene bags into several nearby buildings, including businesses like the ECG Technical Office, Duraplast Company limited, and Ashfoam limited.

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The AMA claimed it is determined to evict the squatters but did not say when demolition will begin. Squatters were advised by the Assembly to leave the area as quickly as possible.

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