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Ablakwa Welcomes The National Cathedral Secretariat’s Proposal For A Parliamentary Probe.

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Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a North Tongu member of parliament, has applauded the National Cathedral Secretariat’s request for a parliamentary investigation of the project.

In a tweet, Ablakwa said “The power of the people has triggered quite some positive actions from the National Cathedral Board of Trustees; It’s obvious the suspended project will remain suspended until independent audits and various probes are concluded; Glad they will fully cooperate with the CHRAJ of Trustees without further delay—this would be in his own interest, particularly, having regard for the additional exposés in the pipeline;

“The Board of Trustees’ request for a parliamentary probe is most welcome, and I do hope Right Honourable Speaker Bagbin would approve our motion demanding an enquiry into the entire scandal-dominated cathedral project as submitted to his office last year. Truth, Transparency, Accountability and Justice must always prevail both in the Kingdom of Christ and in our dear Republic. For God and Country. Ghana First.”

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If the House votes to form a committee to investigate the project, the Secretariat declared in a statement that it is completely prepared to submit the entire project to parliamentary investigations.

A statutory audit of every transaction made so far in the National Cathedral project is already complete and will soon begin.

This task will be carried out by Deloitte, who reportedly agreed to serve as the National Cathedral of Ghana’s auditors when it registered the organization.

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On Monday, January 23, the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral met and decided to order this required audit.

This choice was made following calls for an immediate halt of the project and a subsequent audit of the contracts that have already been given from two members of the Board, Rev. Eastwood Anaba and Archbishop Nicolas Duncan-Williams.

The Secretariat revealed that all pertinent project documentation was delivered to Parliament last month in a press release distributed on Tuesday, January 24.

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“Thus, if Parliament so desires, it may set up a commission or appoint an independent auditor to review all issues concerning the award of contract, procurement, construction works, and financial operations of the National Cathedral project so far.”

It acknowledged the existing financial challenges while highlighting the fact that the project had come to a halt.

The project submitted all the project documents to Parliament in December 2022, according to a statement from the Secretariat. As a result, Parliament has the option to create a commission or designate an independent auditor to examine all matters relating to the National Cathedral project’s procurement, building activities, and financial operations.

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